Supporting Grieving Youth

National Youth Mental Health Website has been developed — from content to art to design — by grieving youth, for grieving youth.

It shares wisdom, experiences and advice from more than 30 young people who’ve been there, and know what it’s like to grieve when someone you care about has died.
Sometimes it may feel like people around you can’t relate to or understand your grief or what you’re going through. That’s what is here for – so you can hear from people who “get it.”

The site is for young people living with the death of someone important to them and offers stories and art to let them know they are not alone, for friends of someone who is grieving to help them understand what they are going through, and for parents, educators or other interested adults this site will help them understand young people’s unique experiences of grief, and give ideas about how to support them.

This project was a very unique partnership of more than 30 young people across the country who shared their experiences, art and advice alongside grief advisors and professionals that added their expertise.

We held an art contest for youth to submit paintings, poems, photos and videos to include on the website and it was all curated by a youth committee to select the pieces to be featured on the website.

To house it all we created a dynamic, interactive online experience with easy access to valuable content and resources. View the site at

Nonprofit Grieving Youth Website Design

Services Provided:

  • Website strategy
  • User experience mapping
  • Custom website design
  • Custom illustration
  • WordPress development
  • Bilingual functionality
  • Training and support
Nonprofit Grieving Youth Website Design

The website provides resources and support for youth grieving the loss of a loved one. The compassionate and empathetic tone is reflected in the design choices, fostering a safe space for visitors to seek information and find solace. The use of testimonials and personal stories throughout the site helps to create a sense of community and relatability. The integration of social media links encourages engagement and further connects users to a wider support network.

Overall, the website demonstrates a thoughtful and well-executed design. The user experience is excellent, ensuring easy navigation and a visually pleasing interface. The site’s accessibility measures make it inclusive for users with disabilities. The design goals are clearly reflected in the compassionate tone and community-driven approach. The website effectively serves its purpose as a valuable resource for young individuals coping with grief.


Nonprofit Grieving Youth Responsive Website Design
Nonprofit Grieving Youth Responsive Website Design
Nonprofit Grieving Youth Responsive Website Design