Inspiring Girls to Become Tech Leaders

Girls in Technology Website

Hackergal inspires Canadian girls to code, create and become the tech leaders of tomorrow.

Design for Good was asked to create a new website for Hackergal that engages girls across Canada to have the education, community, and confidence to become leaders in computer science and technology and close the gender gap in tech.

We created a custom-designed website with bold designs and inspiring visuals to grab attention and encourage viewers to learn more about how to get involved. We targeted content and landing pages to two key audiences of learners and educators to clearly communicate messages of importance to each group. We also highlighted calls to donate and support to help increase the impact of the work Hackergal is doing.

The new features included embedded videos, application forms and subscription tools to alert about new events. We created an event sub-section to highlight specific messages and allow marketing to a direct landing page.

The new site is engaging, responsive, inclusive, AODA accessible, bilingual and unique. View the site at

Nonprofit website design

Services Provided:

  • Website strategy
  • User experience mapping
  • Content outline
  • Custom website design
  • WordPress development
  • Custom tools and integration
  • Event subsection
  • Donation system integration
  • Training and support
Nonprofit website design

The user experience of the website is intuitive and the strategic placement of call-to-action buttons and links directs users to important sections, such as the registration page or program details, ensuring a smooth user journey. The responsive design ensures that the website is accessible and user-friendly across various devices, further enhancing the overall experience.

The website successfully portrays a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. The use of bright colours and engaging visuals appeals to the target audiences. The website effectively communicates the organization’s mission and goals through concise and impactful copy. The design elements, such as illustrations and photographs, are strategically placed to highlight the achievements and experiences of participants, creating an emotional connection with the audience.

The website design demonstrates a strong focus on user experience, accessibility, and achieving the organization’s design goals. It effectively engages the target audience, provides an intuitive user journey, and ensures that individuals of all abilities can access the content. The website’s design reflects the organization’s mission and creates a positive and inspiring online presence.

Nonprofit responsive website design
Nonprofit responsive website design
Nonprofit responsive website design
Nonprofit website design