Web Design for Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

All our designs start with strategy. We walk you through a detailed, collaborative discovery process so we clearly understand the needs, objectives and goals. Then we design – backwards. We focus on the user and the desired action (learn, join, donate) and work backwards to the homepage and key messages. Once we’ve determined the viewers actions we can tell your story, create engaging experiences and provide the tools to easily manage your site and enable your viewers to become more involved with what you offer.

We handcraft websites that are intuitive and inspirational, responsive for tablets and mobile phones, AODA accessible, optimized for search engines and oh-so-easy to update.

What can we create for you?

A National Voice for Birds

National Environmental Website

Birds Canada’s mission is to conserve wild birds through sound science, on-the-ground actions, public engagement, and science-based advocacy.
Their old website had been live for a number of years and continued to grow and grow. It was time to take a much needed step back and refocus on their message and what and how they communicated to their supporters. A new name and fresh rebranding kicked off the website redesign direction. All content was reviewed, tuned and reorganized to make things easier to find and to create more compelling calls to action. Donation systems were updated and integrated into the site. New features and national maps of programs were added.
The new website captures what Birds Canada is all about in a more engaging and user friendly way. View the site at birdscanada.org

Building Resilient Ecological Farms

Ecological Farming

EFAO supports farmers in Ontario with a strong knowledge-sharing community. We rebranded from the ground up with new identity to better communicate their messages. Then we created a responsive website design to connect and engage their members. The new focus targets their goals to increase their membership and build more support for their organization. View the site at efao.ca

Engaging Members

Nonprofit Membership Website

The Interior Designers of Canada’s new site focuses on three key information streams – helping the public find an Interior Designer, supporting students to become Designers and encouraging Designers to join their organization. The IDC website is now the go-to place for Canadian Interior Design networking, news and information. Visit the site at idcanada.org

Positive Evolution in Health Care

Ontario Health Care Issues

The Change Foundation promotes a positive evolution in Ontario’s health care system by engaging patients, family caregivers and health providers to explore contemporary health care issues. We restructured their website to focus on their 4 key service areas and promote their industry publications. View the site at changefoundation.ca

Conserving Ontario’s Environment

Environmental Member Organization

Conservation Ontario represents Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities. This member website features recent news, resources and member login area where members can share files, job postings, events and more. View the site at conservationontario.ca

Access for Education

Educational Conference Website

Access in Practice is the theme of the HEQCO educational conference. We designed a unique theme for this event to brand the conference. Then we created a series of marketing pieces including a WordPress responsive website design that has speaker bios, testimonials, conference information and registration. We also created email invitations, poster series and banner ads to help promote the conference. View the site at accessinpractice.ca

Improving Benefits for Employees

Nonprofit Website Design

OJTBF provides employee benefits to nonprofit organizations across Canada. They are dedicated to serving nonprofits and needed to stand out from traditional employee insurance companies so we created a bold online brand that emphasizes the benefits of working with them. View the site at ojtbf.ca

Comprehensive and Accessible Addictions and Mental Health System

Addiction and Mental Health

AHMO’s mission is to achieve optimal addictions and mental health outcomes by providing leadership, being the collective voice of their members and engaging partners. We created a site that allows them to easily communicate to their members and partners to help mental heath and addition organizations to better work together. View the site at amho.ca

Helping People Living With Arthritis Find Their Voice

Disease Community Site

CAPA uses the power of information, research, and communication to help people living with arthritis find their voice and support others. We started with a new brand and logo design to create a new identity for their organization. Then we helped them communicate and share information with other patients by creating a dynamic online resource. View the site at arthritispatient.ca

Making Healthcare Accessible

Healthcare Web Design

The Upper Grand Family Health Team wanted to update their site to make it more accessible and better promote their classes and services. We started with a fresh logo and brand design and a custom photoshoot at their clinic to highlight their team and facility. Then we custom built a new WordPress website that is responsive to work on tablets and mobile phone and ensured everything was AODA compliant for accessibility. We created a dynamic site design and trained them how to update their own content, blog posts and classes. View the site at uppergrandfht.org

Empowering Adults to Find Work they Value

Adult Education and Employment

PTP Adult Learning and Employment Programs provides basic skills education, upgrading, job search and related services to individuals preparing for employment, training or further education. We created a new site with online learning module integration to allow them to extend their reach to new audiences. View the site at ptp.ca

No Student Goes Hungry at School

School Hunger Nonprofit Website Design

Halton Food for Thought has a goal that no student goes hungry at school. They partner with their community to feed students healthy food so they can achieve academic success. Their new site promotes their mission and connects with their supporters. View the site at haltonfoodforthought.com

Investing in Future Leaders

Scholars Foundation

Loran Scholars Foundation partners with universities, donors and volunteers across the country to invest in the future of Canada. They offer the country’s largest and most comprehensive four-year undergraduate award, providing young leaders with opportunities to develop their talents and work towards a better world. We created a new responsive website to help raise their profile, showcase their work, connect with their supporters and allow easier online applications. View the site at loranscholar.ca

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