Nonprofit Annual Reports and Printed Design Materials

Our team of designers, illustrators, copywriters, photographers and fundraisers work with you to create unique and powerful annual reports, brochures, booklets and posters for your nonprofit organization. We design print pieces that captivate and motivate. We tell your stories and engage your audience. What can we design for you?

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We consider nonprofit annual report designs to be gratitude reports that celebrate the years achievements, tell real stories and engage with your tribe of supporters.

For your annual report we’ll help develop a theme for each year to brand the report and focus on a primary message.

We can use the content you provide or we can help with copywriting by either writing full reports including interviewing supporters and stakeholders to create original content or simply proofread and edit what you provide for tone, grammar and consistency. Original testimonies or quotes from your team help reinforce your messages.

Where possible we use authentic, original photos to show true stories and to celebrate the real people behind your organization. You can provide photos or we can bring a photographer in to capture just the right shots.

We create layouts that are visually interesting and make sure they complement messages within the content and not overpower them. We like to find the statistics that validate your achievements and visually present them in designs or infographics so they are not buried in content but grab the attention of readers who just scan your report.

Our environmental printers can provide many options including digital printing with local, chlorine free, 100% post-consumer waste fiber, biogas energy source FSC recycled paper, vegetable based inks and waterless printing.

Or if you want to avoid paper printing altogether we can create interactive websites to tell your story online.

To ensure your reports are accessible to everyone we can create AODA compliant PDF files or  ePub versions for interactive online viewing on iPad/tablets and mobile phones.

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