Additional Examples of our Non Profit Website Designs

Web Design for Natural Food Coop

The Big Carrot is Toronto’s favorite natural food coop. They needed a website to communicate with their members and promote all their amazing features. We designed a responsive site with desktop, tablet and phone versions of the layout, built it on a n open source content management system that allows for easy updates (including changing the background photo regularly to update the look), added event calendars, integrated a Google street view of the their store interior, setup photo galleries, new blogs and recipes.

Website for National Eating Disorder

NEDIC is Canada’s eating disorder information centre. We created a site filled with valuable resources and organization features like online store for ordering awareness and education products as well as conference information and online ticket sales. View the site at
We also created a targeted microsite called Beyond Images that has free curriculum based resources for elementary school teachers along with registration system and feedback surveys. View the site at

Web Design for Non Profit

Threads of Life is an association for workplace tragedy family support. They needed a new site that was easy to update, promoted the great work they are doing and helped drive traffic to their national fundraising walks which we also redesigned at the same time. Both sites are built on an easy to use WordPress content management system. View the site at

Pledge Website

This microsite is geared around the Active Communities Pledge – to encourage voters and candidates to be champions for cycling and active transportation in the upcoming provincial election. The site has a live counter of pledges taken as well as a wealth of resources to inspire visitors to take action. We worked with Agents of Good to create this site. View the site at

Website for Women’s Shelter

Interval House is Canada’s first shelter for abused women and children. They wanted a site that was as unique as they are, that was easy to update, dynamic and inspired viewers to donate. A site that would make their day-to-day tasks easier with no big learning curve. We created a new site design that feels at home. Its comfortable, approachable and safe. The site is easy for staff to update and manage and it includes custom-built donation systems, reporting, PDF receipts, and symbolic gifts. We also created interactive annual reports and a staff extranet to keep everyone informed from board to volunteers including calendars, photo galleries and emergency alerts.

Online Annual Report Designs

Interval House is Canadas first shelter for abused women and children. For the past few years they have taken a fresh approach to their annual reports and wanted to continue this with the way they are presented online. So we created online reports that provide some interactivity and extend the messages communicated in print allowing us to elaborate with more imagery and detail. Because these are planned with an integrated, strategic approach from the start with Agents of Good we were able to technically setup the illustrations and imagery to ensure it all came together for successful print and online components.


Children’s Book Bank Site

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of Canadian books for young readers. We created a series of websites to promote their organization and specific book categories. View the site at

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Government Website

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment wanted to promote reducing – the lesser known of the 3R’s so we built this microsite to promote awareness of the 3R’s with an emphasis on reducing at home, work and school. The site provided information resources and downloadable PDF files. The site ran for a limited time.

Online Risk Questionnaire

Having a healthy baby is worth your weight. All mothers want to have healthy babies born with a healthy weight. A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy weight gain for the mom-to-be. Eating nutritious foods and gaining the proper amount of weight for you is a great start to lowering your risk of having a low birth weight baby. We created a site to learn more about your risk for delivering a low birth weight baby and included a simple questionnaire to help evaluate your risk and encourage mothers at risk to seek support. We worked with Agents of Good to create this site. View the site at

Online Pledge Campaign

Threads of Life had a national campaign to promote workplace safety by touring a hand made quilt across Canada. The LifeQuilt honours those whose lives were lost or changed forever because of a tragedy in the workplace. We created a living quilt of those who promise to protect themselves and others and encourage others to add your Life Promise. The pledge also works on iPads so as they tour the country users can add their pledge at the live events. View the site at

Non Profit Online Fundraiser

This was a dedicated online fundraising site for Ontario Nature where viewers could donate towards protecting a share of land for the organization. The online campaign ran for a limited time.

Environmental Website Design

We created an online identity and website for Beginnings – a project of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario to archive powerful stories of the beginnings of environmental organizations in Ontario. The campaign site only ran for a short time.

Non Profit Member Association Website

We designed and built a website for this chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals to allow easy communication to their members. View the site at

Environmental Website Design

This is a targeted microsite for Small Change Fund. We created a distinctively different site to focus on the messages and fundraising goals of this specific project. This became a series of website for different campaigns so they could target their marketing and email blasts to specific campaigns. The campaign site only ran for a short time.

Microsite for Fundraising

Another campaign microsite for Small Change Fund – we re-purposed the campaign template from the Voices of the Boreal and updated the design and content to match the brand on the campaign. We also created an interactive map of the arctic to highlight the environmental features and the non profit projects they create and support. The campaign site only ran for a short time.

Canadian Diabetes Website

Election Central is the Canadian Diabetes Association’s interactive web portal designed to provide the public with all the information available on how diabetes issues are playing out in current provincial elections. Designed and built under a very tight timeline, this site features a full set of province specific sites all managed under one sophisticated content management system allowing the Association to make easy updates on their own. The site was only active during the election.

AIDS Website Design

We work with a lot of non profits around the world and we created this website for an AIDS organization in Uganda. We’ve been very involved in various projects in Uganda and have traveled to Africa a few times to get involved first hand. View the site at

Toronto Family Shelter

Reddoor needed a new website to provide information about their shelter. We designed a non profit website that was bold, clean and easy to use. The site had to be easy for their staff to update content so we setup an easy to use Content Management System in WordPress. View the site at

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